The night I gave my taxi driver the ride he will never forget..!

The night I gave my taxi driver the ride he will never forget..!

After a night celebrating in the hotel room of a good friend of mine it was time to go home so I wished her good night, left the hotel and jumped in a cab.

My friend and I had been sharing a few of our favourite erotic fantasies over a few drinks and so I was feeling in high spirits and a particularly horny mood.

The taxi driver was very talkative and as we left the hotel he made a joke, “So how much did you make tonight?”

If only he knew how I spend my time when I am in Bristol and I felt like telling him all about my exploits as an escort but instead I just gave him a look and he started laughing. Then he came right out and asked me why such a sexy hot woman such as myself was leaving a hotel room alone in the middle of the night?

So I told him about my girlfriend and our sharing of sexy fantasies and he then asked me if it left me feeling horny and if I was going home to my man. I could not believe his questions so I just kind of sat there and he said he wouldn’t ask anymore. But it did leave me so horny and I started picturing myself giving this cab driver a blowjob. I was so wet, I could feel my pussy throbbing and I wanted nothing more than to have a hard cock fucking my tight pussy. But I resigned myself to thoughts of settling for my vibrator when I got home.

So as we were driving I noticed him looking at me sometimes, then I started wondering if I could actually do something with him. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do, but as we came up to my apartment building, I pretended I had to run in to get my money. Naturally, living in an apartment complex, he had to come in with me. He turned off his cab and up we went.

When we got in, I acted like I couldn’t find my money. I put on my best act and said my roommate must have borrowed it. (I don’t have a roommate). He stood there thinking then said that he would have to call the police. I stopped him immediately and asked him to please not and if I could give him something else as payment for now. He just stood there and I swear he could see right through my plan.

Then before I could change my mind he walked over to me and said, “I’ll tell you what, the first thing I noticed when you got in my cab was your tits. I would love to run my tongue over your nipples, suck on those babies, and you can forget about the money.”

He walked over to me, asked me to take off my top and his hands grabbed both my tits firmly and he moaned so deeply I felt it in my pussy. When his tongue flicked over my nipple I gasped out a sigh and he told me to lie back on the couch as he remained on the floor beside me. I could tell he was unzipping his trousers and the thought of his cock right there beside me was driving me crazy. He told me that my tits were so nice and they were the best he ever had his hands on. I could feel him jacking off beside me and I knew right then that I wanted him to fuck me. I was hoping he wouldn’t cum in his hand and then just leave. As if reading my mind he grabbed my hand and told me to pleasure myself. “Stick your fingers in your pussy, enjoy it,” he said. I slowly unzipped my jeans and rubbed my clit. I was so wet. I started moving my hips and slipped my finger deep inside my drenched pussy. I couldn’t control my moaning.

Then his hand slowly slid down until his hand covered mine and then he said, “let me do that for you.” His fingers went deep inside my horny pussy and I never felt anything so good. I raised my hips slightly trying to get his finger deeper when he told me he wanted to taste me. He pulled off my jeans and as fast as he pulled them off he leaned between my legs and his tongue was on my juicy pussy. I threw my legs open as far as they could go and pushed his head down on me. I cried, “oh yes, oh yes, that feels so good” he continued to lick me, then he got up and told me it sounded like I hadn’t had a good fuck in a long time. If only he knew..!!!

He got up between my legs and pulled my pussy closer to his hard cock and asked me if that was what I wanted. He then said, “come here, I’m going to fuck you nice and hard, is that what you want?” I said, “yes”. “You want my cock?” I said, “yes, I want your cock in me”

I felt the tip of his cock rubbing my pussy and I wanted him to fuck me so badly. He pushed his cock inside me slowly and I moaned so loudly. He started pumping his dick in and out of me so fucking hard and deep, I was just moaning and moaning. He kept telling me I had a nice tight pussy. He continued to fuck me fast and hard, then he told me to turn over and he jammed his cock into my pussy from behind and we came after a couple of thrusts from the back.

He fell on top of me and we laid there for a bit, then just as fast as it happened, he got up and said that I was the best fuck he ever had and if I was ever feeling the need to be fucked like that again, to call his cab number.

He was so good I might just have to do that soon…!

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina’s sexy bedtime fantasy

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina’s sexy bedtime fantasy

Although my body is weary after a busy day, my thoughts are having an effect on my body as my mind turns to a favourite fantasy, recently captured in text by a clever man, the physical effects are becoming hard to ignore….

My nipples are tightening, sensitive as they brush against the cotton sheet and duvet under which I am snuggled. I press my ass into the firm mattress as I notice the moisture gathering between my thighs. My back arching slightly at the thought of that clever, and well-hung, man exploring that wetness within me.

My eyes close so that I can focus better on the images in my mind, and the sensations tingling in my body. My hand beneath the covers, at first chilled against my soft skin, begins a path from hardened nipple to my now wet pussy.

My fingertips circle my clitoris, causing me to quietly moan my pleasure, and as my arousal reaches fever-pitch, I throw back the covers on my bed, the chill of the room on my sensitised skin only adding to the multitude of sensations pouring through me, as my hand works harder and faster, fingers dipping inside my body momentarily, only to withdraw, and begin again.

Deeper and deeper I take my fingers, all the time imagining it is this guy’s hand, and then his exquisite cock driving into me. All my thoughts focus just on him.

I am lying there, exposed on the bed, one hand running frantically over my body, wherever it might go. The other hand continues to alternately pleasure my clit, and delve into my now dripping pussy.

In my mind, however, things are a little different. He is adjusting my position, again thrusting deep inside me. His hands are on my ass, cradling me for his sensual assault. My head is tossing against the pillow, and the air is filled with moans and the wicked words we are uttering, spurring us both on.

He is watching my every expression, the bounce of my breasts as they move together, murmuring how much he loves to watch me lose myself in the pleasure he gives me.

I roll on the bed, shifting to my knees, and in my mind I am now above him. Straddling his hips, I sink slowly onto his powerful erection, just as my fingers continue to sink into my pussy. I am rocking back and forth, just as I am in my fantasy.

As my heavy breasts rub against the cotton sheets beneath me, I imagine his hands cupping my breasts as I ride him, squeezing, massaging both gently and firmly. Each movement of my body excites me more.

My hips are now moving urgently against the hand with which I pleasure myself, just as I imagine myself bucking against his body. My room is filled with the sound of my pleasure-soaked moans, and the smell of my intense arousal.

The hands with which I urgently fuck myself, in my mind they roam over his naked chest, fingertips scratching slightly. I bend my head to suck on his nipple, he lifts his hips quickly, strongly, bringing my orgasm that much closer. His hands are on my hips now, lifting me, pulling me closer.

He tells me how close he is, how badly he wants to come inside me. I am close too, but much less eloquent. I simply moan and gasp, louder and louder as I reach my peak.

Working through my pleasure, I continue to move on him, smiling as I observe the intense passion in his eyes as he loses control.

And in reality, too, my movements continue, and my pleasure only increases. Each touch to my now ultra-sensitive clit causing my glistening body to shiver with pleasure.

And soon, I drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep, filled with only pleasurable dreams.

I wish you sweet dreams and who knows, one day maybe You will be the guy in my fantasy..!!!!


Bristol escort Goddess Karolina is coming back soon to warm up her Bristol boys

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina is coming back soon to warm up her Bristol boys

It seems like ages since I was last in Bristol and I’m really missing all of my Bristol boys but don’t worry, your favourite hot, busty, blonde, Bristol escort will be coming back really soon to take the chill off of these winter days.

Watch this space for my new dates or follow me on Twitter and be the first to find out when I will be back in Bristol. 😉

And in the meantime, I thought you would like to hear about a naughty little experiment I carried out during the unusually cold weather we have been having recently.

For a while now, I have wondered how it would feel to be naked outdoors in snow. How the snow would feel against my naked body. How my body would react to the cold. How would it feel to have a snowflake melt on my nipples? On my ass? And maybe other places? And when recently we had the first snowfall for many years the voice in my head kept saying – go ahead, go outside and get naked and live out the fantasy.

I grabbed my thick swollen overcoat and dressed in nothing more than over the knee woollen socks, woollen scarf and gloves and thick heavy boots I went outside and started walking towards the treeline near where I have been spending the winter.

The snow on the ground was about 6 inches thick, so I was glad I was wearing my heavy boots. I walked onwards carefully, trying to make sure I wouldn’t slip. But there was really no reason to worry, with those boots on. After a while, I stopped focusing on my walking and started focusing on the heavy snow which was spraying against my face. It felt so wonderful. Snow, despite being made up of water, is dry, and even though it moistens you wherever it touches, it still leaves you unsoaked.

After about ten minutes of walking, I was a little breathless. Walking in heavy snow, with heavy boots, can be a bit tiring. I stopped and looked around. All around me were naked trees and white snow. And a few feet away, I spotted a thicket of small evergreen shrubs, which stood out like a light-green oasis in the middle of all the white.

I also realised that I was feeling a bit warm, and my palms were a little sweaty. Maybe because of the mild workout of walking in the snow, and my excitement mixed with nervousness. I took off my gloves and put them in the pocket of my overcoat. I then stretched my bare palm forward and felt the heavily falling snowflakes hit my palm and melt. I felt like a little girl experiencing snow for the first time.

Now then, I said to myself. Time to go through with my plan. The shrubs seemed like a good place to act as my clothes-rack. I walked over to it, took my coat off, and put it on the shrub. And then I stood there, leaning back slightly as the snowflakes hit my chest and boobs. Oh yes, it did feel magical, sending tiny shivers all over my body with every snowflake hitting my body and melting. I grabbed my boobs and eased them upwards and a few flakes would, now and then hit my nipples, making me feel even more tingly. This was fun! I stood like that, boobs in my hand, torso arched backwards, letting the snow hit my boobs. And I started feeling a little colder than I had been. Better hurry up with the rest of it, I thought.

I stood, completely naked in falling snow, with only my boots and knee-highs on. I was feeling chillier, so I decided to get on with it before I started feeling well and truly cold. I walked deeper into the woods, for a couple of more minutes, until I came to a small clearing. Just what I wanted. I stepped into it, for my body to enjoy the showering snowflakes, unhindered by trees. The flakes hit my hair, my face, my shoulders, and occasionally my boobs, back, and my ass. But as someone who has walked around naked in a windless snowfall will tell you, my lower body wasn’t getting much of it.

So I got down on my hands and knees, wincing as my knees and fingers sank into the cold snow. The snow hit my back and my ass. My hands and knees were feeling cold so I got up and stood straight. There was still snow stuck to my hands. I looked at my right hand, and then slowly lowered it and touched myself. Yes. Right there!

OHHH!!! Bliss!! Slightly painful, but bliss. Ever had an ice cube rubbed on your clit? I have, and this felt much nicer. I wanted to carry out more more experiments with the snow down there, but my fingers were getting really cold. So I walked back to the shrub, picked up my gloves and put them on. I went back to the clearing, scooped up some snow in my gloved fingers, and, well, did stuff down there that I will leave to your imagination.

Then, when that area started feeling numb, another thought popped into my head and right away, I sat down, bare-assed, on the snow.

Oooh!! The snow, and well, some slush, filled my asscrack, pushed against my pussy and my clit. And although it was too cold to stay like that for more than a couple of seconds, it felt goooooood.

I got up. All this playing with myself in the snow was now starting to make me feel quite cold. I could see goosebumps, shivered a little, and felt my teeth chattering. I walked back to the shrub, picked up the thick overcoat and put it back on. It was time to return to the warmth of my home, my body tingling from the results of my little experiment in the snow.

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina’s sexy festive fantasy – T’was the night before Christmas…

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina’s sexy festive fantasy – T’was the night before Christmas…

There are only a few days left for you Bristol boy’s to catch me before I leave for my Christmas break on December 1st. And if you want to know what I’ll be doing over Christmas – well I’ll be delivering joy and happiness to all the BAD BAD BOYS out there who have been left out by Santa of course..! Who knows…? Maybe I’ll come and pay you a naughty visit on the night before Christmas…

It’s just before midnight on Christmas Eve and you are lying in bed, asleep, naked. Outside it’s snowing quietly, falling snowflakes shimmering in the moonlight.

Everything is peaceful and quiet, except you – you are tossing and moaning and turning around in your bed, and during one of your restless turns the duvet slips on the floor and it is obvious that you have a huge erection.

What are you dreaming about? Well, let me see if I can guess…

While you were lying in bed, trying to sleep, you hear a strange noise coming from the chimney. Suddenly, with a loud thump someone jumps out and says “Dear me, that was one narrow chimney! Look at the state of me – my dress is all smudged with coal. I’ll have to take it off now.”

The moonlight all of a sudden becomes brighter and you see me dressed in strapless short red velvet dress edged with white fur. I take off my Santa hat, ruffle my fingers through my long blond locks, and bend down to check my knee-high shiny leather boots, with such high heels it was a wonder I managed to get down that chimney without breaking a leg. My boots are fine, so thank goodness I can keep those on.

Now, what have we got here? I turn towards the bed to take a better look at you. “Well, HELLO, Tiger!” I say with a naughty smile. “I take it you’re happy to see me?”

Indeed you are. That is, at least one part of you is very happy to see me – at the first sight of my long legs and lovely big boobs which are almost falling out of the tight red dress, your cock wakes up and starts rising its head to see even better. It’s so nice to have such a warm welcome? But before I give you your present, I have to check – have you been a good boy? Or have you been a very BAD, BAD boy? I hope you have, because I only have presents for bad boys. Actually, you don’t have to answer – I can tell already that you have been a bad boy. Let me just take this dress off and you can get your present.

I slowly unzip the dress and let it slide down my body. Underneath the dress I’m wearing red satin underwear – strapless bra and tiny knickers. There’s a little white furry pom-pom on the bra, in between my breasts. Your cock, now fully erect is leaning against your belly, eager to get into action.

I step out of the dress and toss it aside with the top of my left boot. I then kneel on your bed and slowly start crawling towards you, giving you the opportunity to have a better look at my beautiful full, round breasts, swaying in the red satin bra with every move I make. “You can call me Santa, baby” I say. “So – tell me, darling – were you a bad boy all year? Exactly how bad have you been, I want to know?

Did you have dirty fantasies? Did you play with yourself while looking at naughty pictures? Which bad, bad things did you want to do to those women? ”

I am now so close that you can smell my perfume; musky, sensual and spicy, causing your cock to stir against your belly in anticipation of things to come. I lower myself next to you, my head tantalisingly close to your ever so hard cock, lean on my left arm and place my right hand just above your right knee. You shudder with anticipation.

“Easy, baby, there’s plenty of time… unless you’re expecting somebody?” My hand starts a slow journey up your inner thigh, my touch as light as a feather, and then – just as you think I am going to move upwards – I return to the starting point and repeat the journey, but this time my nails dig hard into your skin causing pain at first, which in a second turn into pleasure and you let out a pent up breath, getting more and more excited.

The hand now gone; your skin is almost crying for another touch, and soon it follows – my mouth now on your inner thigh, but you can feel only my hot breath creeping up, this time a bit further , warming up your rock-hard balls but still not touching… then, at last, my tongue follows the same route, flicking along towards its final destination.

By now your whole body is trembling, your cock dying to feel me – anything: hand, mouth, breath… anything… but nothing comes yet. I kneel next to you and look admiringly at your cock: “My, my, what an exquisite specimen you’ve got there, this will be a very memorable assignment, I can tell.”

Then I move to kneel in between your legs, reach behind my back and take off my bra. I straighten my back, cup both breasts in my hands and ask you: “Do you like them, baby? Would you like to feel them?” I lean over your body, take gently your cock in my left hand, nestle it between my breasts and then – squeezing them together around it, start to move slowly, allowing you to revel in this sensation of being enveloped in warm soft flesh.

It feels so good… you don’t want to allow me to push you over the edge because you sense that there is much more to come… and you are right.

I move away, still holding your cock in my hand, and then lower my full lips towards you…but making you wait, which only intensifies your excitement and you moan whilst trying to thrust you hips in my face. “Ohhhhh, somebody is impatient, I see…” I pull back your foreskin and blow warm air over the sensitive head. So tantalising.

Then I lower my mouth over your cock so you can feel the warmth surrounding you and – finally! – close my lips and let my tongue explore while moving my mouth up and down your hot and pulsating cock. Knowing how close you are to explosion, I keep the movement slow, at the same time gently squeezing your balls in my right hand. My mouth then moves down your shaft, flicking left and right, and ends on your balls, taking in first one and then the other.

You have been on the edge for so long now that you can’t take it any more. “Please, let me cum, please!” you say.

I stop for a moment, smile and say: “As you’re asking so nicely, how could I say no?” My mouth returns to your cock and – this time quite vigorously – starts moving up and down, whilst my hand holds it firmly and keeps the same rhythm. My other hand is squeezing your balls as if to make sure that every drop of spunk stored in them does get out when you finally explode. My mouth is moving faster and faster, until a few strong convulsions shake your body and you erupt, shooting out a pool of thick creamy cum… straight into my mouth. I swallow every last drop, lift my head and lick my lips, still holding you in my hand. “Mmmm, you taste so sweet, baby… did you like your present?” I say.

You are unable to respond. The orgasm you have just experienced is unlike any other before, your body still trembling and mind floating. The best Christmas present ever…!

After a few minutes, when you recover a little from this earth shattering orgasm, you manage to utter, “Thank you, Santa, for my present.”

“You’re most welcome, baby,” I reply. “But that wasn’t all, you know, there’s more.”

With a naughty smile I peel off my red satin panties, standing in front of you just in my boots which make my legs look even longer. You can clearly see the moist lips of my shaved pussy.

“The thing is, honey, you made me very horny. I try not to mix business with pleasure, but in your case I’m going to make an exception because you really are very cute… just look how wet you made me.”

I reach for my pussy, slip two fingers between my pussy lips and, making sure they are covered in my juices, place them into your mouth. “Taste this, baby, isn’t that sweet?”

My pussy tastes like nectar of the Gods – apricots, Sharon fruit, a hint of pomegranate, all steeped in orange Muscat wine. It’s like an aphrodisiac, your cock is hard again and wanting some more action.

“I thought you’d like it,” I chuckle. “I’m glad you’re alive again, I have some plans. But first I want you to taste it properly.”

I step over you, sit on your belly and slide my body upwards towards your head until my pussy is positioned right in front of your face. You don’t need any more instructions, with your fingers you part the swollen outer lips and lick them slowly before burying your tongue between them, licking the sweet juice, lapping it up, losing yourself in the smell and taste of me. Your tongue searches and finds my clit, like a rosebud nestled between my inner lips.

I shudder with pleasure, hold your head close and my hips pick up the beat dictated by your tongue… now circling around my clit, flicking it, sucking gently, and then started all over again and again, “Don’t stop, baby, just don’t stop!” Soon my whole body is propelled by a giant wave of pleasure. “Aaaahhhh…” comes out from the depths of my throat, and you can feel my orgasm on your tongue, drinking greedily every last drop of my pussy’s nectar.

It seems to go on for ages, finally, I collapse on top of you, raising my head only to kiss you deeply, licking my own juices from your lips, caressing your tongue with mine.

“I still have some plans, and I think you’ll like those too,” I say, moving back down towards your fully erect cock and positioning myself above it. I take it in my left hand and place it at the entrance of my pussy, coating it in my juices, then I push my hips down and slide on top of it. You suddenly understood the meaning of the expression “entering the pleasure dome” because I am all silk and velvet inside, like melting hot chocolate, and so firm and tight. Your cock doesn’t want to leave this place, ever! I stay still for a moment, just stroking your cock with my pelvic muscles.

“Now, baby, let’s cum together… I’ll take you there…” I start moving my hips, up and down, squeezing it inside with every upward movement and releasing on the way down. Soon I am riding your cock like it’s a wild pony, moving faster and faster… my back now arched so you can admire my beautiful firm breasts.

You reach for my hips and place your hands on them to make sure don’t slow down. But I’m not going to… we are both approaching another orgasm, and I just want to time it right… waiting to feel you’re over the edge before I let myself go… and soon it comes – a huge eruption, our bodies convulsing simultaneously taken by a massive wave of pleasure.

I suddenly feel dizzy for a moment and then fall on the bed next to you. “I’ll make sure I get to deliver your present next year too, Merry Christmas, baby!”

One last kiss, I get up and say, “Must dash, things to do, people to see… it’s a busy night. Oh, and I need a new dress… let’s use some magic for that.”

I snap my fingers and in an instant I’m dressed again, in a different dress this time – short red sequinned number, with sheer muslin sleeves edged with the same white fur which was at the bottom of the dress.

“I had lot of fun, baby. Hope you liked your present. See you next Christmas. You don’t mind if I go out through the window, do you? That chimney really is very narrow.”

I open the window, whistle and call out, “Rudolph! Here boy! Hurry! Then jump out and vanish into the night…

Mmmnn… I can’t wait for Christmas..! xxx

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina’s “going down in the elevator” fantasy

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina’s “going down in the elevator” fantasy

Let me share with you my little fantasy I have about meeting one of you boys on my way down in the elevator from my luxury apartment in Bristol…

I stare at the ceiling of the elevator and with a “ding” it arrives at your floor and the doors slide open. You stride in and push the button.

The elevator is quite small and has floor length mirrors on three walls. With nowhere to look our eyes eventually meet. We smile and turn away kind of shyly. You look back and admire my pert breasts and hips and my tight ass that is visible in the mirror behind me. I glance at your crotch and can see as your cock hardens and causes a bulge in your jeans.

We look into each others eyes again just as the elevator lurches to a stop between floors. I press the emergency button but nothing happens. You move towards me and say “it appears we are stuck”. I lean back seductively against the wall and opens my legs slightly. You move closer to me and put your lips to mine. Your tongue pierces my lips and finds my own. As we kiss you cup my breast and squeeze me gently through my blouse and bra. My breathing gets coarser and you move your thigh between mine and rub me with your knee. I move my hand to the front of your jeans and you pull me towards you and press your tongue against mine. Your hands slide up my blouse and push under my bra to find my wonderfully hard nipples. You unbutton my blouse and find the clasp for my bra and my breasts are free. You kiss your way slowly down my chin and the soft skin of my neck. You push the blouse from my right shoulder and lick along the globe of my breast to the nipple and close your lips over it and tug it into your mouth. You feel my hands on your crotch again, rubbing your cock, and you lift my skirt so you can reach between my hot thighs.

As you lift my skirt you find that it has a slit up the side all the way to the waist; you turn it so the slit is in front and open it. As you suck on my nipple, pulling it into your mouth, you put my hand on my pussy. With the heal of your hand you grind my panties against me. Sucking harder on my nipple, and rubbing my panties against my now wet pussy lips, You feel the wetness build up on your palm and rub harder, pressing the lips so they rub against my clit, working the panties against them. My hips start to move with your hand, rubbing back and forth. I now push the zipper of your jeans down and you feel my hand inside searching. It closes around the head of your cock and I pull it out. The head of your cock is already very wet under the foreskin. I push the skin down exposing the head and run my palm over it as if polishing a small ball. You groan loudly, the sound escaping between your lips and the globe of my breast. You push your tongue against my nipple and twirl it around inside your mouth as you rub my panties against my pussy. You push the crotch of my panties aside and insert your finger roughly into my wet hole. I stiffen, then rub your cock harder, panting out that I will cum soon. You work your finger in and out of me as you rub my clit with your thumb. My nipple is so hard against your tongue as my wet juices cover your finger and thumb. Out of the corner of your eye you can see my face in the mirror on the wall. I bite my lip and groan as my knees buckle. You finger fuck me harder as my orgasm starts. You finger thrusts in hard, rapid strokes as I shake and moan through what is a wonderfully powerful orgasm.

I lean back against the mirrored wall breathless, gasping as you stand there looking pleased at having made me feel as you do. As I recover and my breathing returns to normal, I look at your reflection in the mirror beside us. You look over and see the image I see. There you are with your shirt disheveled and your cock jutting out through the open fly of your pants. The foreskin is pushed back as I left it and the head is wet and glistens in the low light of the elevator. You hear me say say, “Well it will never do to leave you like that, especially since this elevator is stalled and we aren’t going anywhere yet.”

I move to you. As I move I finish unbuttoning my blouse and pull it from my skirt so it hangs open. “Rub your cock for me,” I moan. You put your hand over it and slowly run your hand over the head and down the shaft. I watch, fascinated, as you jerk off in front of me and push my thumbs into the elastic waistband of my panties under my skirt. You rub your cock, slowly moving your hips, as I slide my panties down my hips and over my knees and step out of them. I leave them there in the middle of the elevator floor and stand in front of you. You feel my hand on yours and I push it away from your cock and replace it with my own. As I stroke your cock you put your arms around me and we kiss a long wet passionate kiss.

Your tongue presses against mine, exploring the inside of my hot mouth. I run my tongue over yours as my hand slides over your cock coaxing precum out with every stroke. As our lust builds, I back away and kneel in front of you. You close your eyes knowing what is going to happen. My hand holds the shaft tightly and as you feel my hot breath on the head you put your hand on my head and slide your fingers through my hair. You feel my other hand inside your pants as I take your balls and cup them, squeezing them gently as I put just the tip of my tongue against the head. You almost cream as I lick around the head while moving my hand along the shaft jerking you off gently.

After I have covered every bit of the head with my tongue I purse my lips and guide your cock between them. Easing my mouth downward until it contacts my fist on the shaft I start a steady slow rhythm. You look down at my head bobbing up and down over your hard cock and feel the pressure build inside you. I make soft moaning sounds as I move my mouth up and down over the head of your cock, my tongue swirling around the head driving you close to the brink; my one hand holding the shaft steady and the other hand massaging your full balls. As you feel ready to cum you touch my hair again and tell me that you are going to explode. I lick harder and faster, and as I feel your body tense up I move my head aside and with my hand in a tight fist start to jerk you off hard.

You look into the mirror and can see me smile as I lick my lips and then your knees weaken and the first shots of cum fly from the tiny hole at the tip of your cock and splatter into the mirror. As you watch yourself cum into the mirror my hand slides over the head of your cock with my face inches from it watching it shoot. You ejaculate for what feels like forever, the cum landing on the mirror, and I continue to move my hand over your cock head. After you are finished, I lean over again and gives your cock a gentle kiss and can’t resist sticking my tongue out to give it another lick.

We feel the elevator lurch forward and quickly straighten our clothes as it makes it’s way to the ground floor, where the doors open to a gathering of concerned residents eager to know if we are ok. I think the smile on our faces soon reassures them that we are both just fine…!

Who know’s maybe one day this fantasy will come true for you 😉  xxx

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina’s beach side fantasy

Bristol escort Goddess Karolina’s beach side fantasy

I’ve been away for quite a while now and I’m missing all my sexy Bristol boys so I think it’s time I came back..!!!

I’ve been spending a lot of time relaxing (and playing..!!!) on the beach and eating healthy and am even more tanned, toned and horny than ever before..!!!

Don’t worry… you don’t have to wait too long… I plan to be back to Bristol in just a couple of weeks time and we can share some more quality time together real soon.

And if you have not seen me before, why not think about spoiling yourself and spending some time with a wild, seductive and erotic, tanned leggy blonde escort who knows how to make you feel special and let the world float away as we take some time to explore and enjoy each other and indulge in some unrushed, sexy fun together.

I’ll be posting my new Bristol dates on here very soon and will be updating my gallery with some more photos so make sure to keep checking this site and my twitter feed for updates…

In the meantime here is a little fantasy I had playing through my head as I lay on the beach the other day…

As I arrive at the beach I immediately notice you. I look you directly in the eyes and give you a little knowing smile. You are very obvious in checking me out and then smile back. Throughout the afternoon, we continue to flirt but never approach the other one.

Finally it is time to leave, so I go to the beach side showers to rinse the sand and salt water from my body before leaving. My back is turned to the door as I am reaching up to rinse my hair. I suddenly feel a presence behind me. I somehow know it is you. I should scream but before I can react, I feel a tug on my swimsuit top and it falls to the floor. You are nuzzling the back of my neck and reaching around to fondle my breasts. Any thoughts of screaming are gone. I lean back into you with a slight moan. With one hand I reach behind you to touch that body I had been admiring.

Apparently you have already removed your swimsuit, because I come in contact with your soft skin and I can feel your erect cock pressing against my back. We stand there feeling each other’s bodies while the water from the shower washes over us. We are so hot the water is steaming off us. You then start nuzzling down my back while your strong hands are sliding down my stomach. You run your thumbs under the edge of my bikini bottoms and pull them all the way down, while I step out of them.

You begin to kiss the back of my legs and continue to work your way slowly up my body until you are again nuzzling my neck and fondling my breasts. You move your hands to the insides of my thighs. Your thumbs are moving in a circular motion and slightly parting my legs. You move up my thighs so that now your thumbs are moving over my mound. Your fingers part the lips and you place your index fingers on my clitoris. Now you move your index fingers in the same circular motion as your thumbs. You can feel the warmth and wetness of my pussy. You push both your middle fingers inside me. Moving up and down in rhythm with the circular motion of your index fingers and thumbs I tighten my pussy around your fingers in my first orgasm. You can feel the juice run over your hands while my body spasms.

You let me catch my breath a minute before spinning me around to finally face you. You lean forward and lightly bite my lower lip and then give me the most passionate, deep kiss I have ever had. You part my lips with your tongue and start to explore the inside of my mouth. I lightly run my teeth over it and suck on it. I move away from your mouth to your ear. I nibble and lick the outside of your ear while softly purring. I, then, kiss and lick down your neck and chest to one of your nipples. I flick it with my tongue until it is standing erect. I then suck it while running quick light butterfly licks over the top. My hand is lightly pinching and twisting your other nipple. I then switch nipples. Now I start to lick and nibble down to your stomach while I sink to my knees. You lean back against the door of the stall while I lick your navel and nibble around it. You put your hands on shoulders and push me down slightly. I look up at you and smile. I then take your manhood in both hands. I take the top in my mouth licking the trickle off while moving my hands up and down twisting away from each other at the same time.

I then kiss and nibble down your shaft to the balls while my hands move back to fondle your ass. I lift one of your balls with my tongue and suck lightly at first and then harder. I then move to the other licking it like a cat. I then give one long, wet lick up the front of your shaft. I hesitate at the top with my mouth wide open I blow warm breath over your erect cock. I then hungrily swallow your cock using my tongue as a guide. I suck very hard and then ease up enough to move back up to the tip. I lick the top and then start moving up and down faster and faster. Sucking on the way up and blowing on the way down. You are thrusting in rhythm with me. You suddenly stop and push me away. You are too close to exploding. I stand as you catch your breath.

You suddenly spin me around and kick my legs apart. You plunge your cock in me with such force that my upper body is completely pushed against the wall and I explode in another orgasm. You reach up and pinch and caress my erect nipples while we begin to thrust back and forth into each faster and faster. Again before we can climax, you pull away.

You turn me around and lean forward to take one of my nipples in your mouth. You start sucking, biting and licking it while your hand rolls the other one between your index and middle fingers and tugging on it. You are also pinching and twisting it. Not too hard! I am kissing your forehead and top of your head frantically. You finally let go and move your hands down to lift me up while I wrap my legs around you. My tight pussy encloses you and it feels like your cock is pushed up to my heart. With three hard and fast thrusts we both explode in climax. I can see fireworks in my head. We both are screaming in ecstasy. Slowly you lower me back down while you are still inside me, my inner walls still throbbing in ecstasy

We just stand there panting for a while. You put your hand on the side of my face and I lean into it. You lift my face smile and we kiss tenderly finally pulling out of me. You get dressed while I lean back and watch. I expect you to leave but you lean back and wait while I get dressed. Then you lean over and whisper. “Same time tomorrow…?” I smile and say “Maybe”. We turn and leave, still not knowing each other’s names.


A postcard from Mykonos

A postcard from Mykonos

This is me enjoying a bit of late summer sunshine in one of my favourite places, the hot and sexy little island of Mykonos.

Enjoying fun nights out followed by long lazy days in the sun, swimming and enjoying wonderful food.

Missing all my Bristol boys very much and can’t wait to see you all again soon when I return sun-kissed, rejuvenated and ready for some more sexy fun with you guys. xxx

Thank you and bye for now to all my Bristol Boys, both old and new..!!!

It was lovely to be back in Bristol after such a long time away, not only to see all my favourite gentlemen again but also to make some sexy new acquaintances. As a busy Bristol escort it’s always a joy to see my wonderful boys but it’s time for me to leave again now for a quick break in the sun. But don’t worry I will be returning to Bristol real soon, sun-kissed, refreshed and more than ready to treat you guys once again to Bristol’s premier escort experience…!

In the meantime, thanks again, be good, be safe and I will see you all again soon. XXX

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