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 141 reviews
by Dizzyrascal on Goddess Karolina

I haven't seen Karolina for about 3 years, what a mistake, she's looking fitter and hotter than ever. On top of that she's great company and fun to be with. Won't leave it so long next time x

by DJLA on Goddess Karolina

Planed to visit Karolina at least 3 times while she is here this time, this is my second and as usual she totally satisfies all of my needs, still have to see her one more time to kiss her farewell. D xxx

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

She remains gorgeous , fit , hot as fuck , sexy! and oh so so so so responsive .One of life’s true delights .

by gordo48 on Goddess Karolina

I have been seeing Karolina for 3 years now and every meeting is as exciting as the first. A top class courtesan who truly excels at what she does.To spend part of Sunday afternoon entwined with her is an unparalleled joy!Hugs & kisses X

by Chris on Goddess Karolina

I sat in the cafe, looking at my phone in dissapointment. A 2 hour drive only to be let down at the last minute. We all know how that feels right, are juices are boiling and there is that desire that has to be quenched. I was facing a long drive home, under a grey dark sky and damp mood. Then, it dawned on me, should I try the Goddess? And why hadn't I thought of it sooner! Well, I've seen the website and read the reviews, but I've never been in the city when Karolina has. I chanced my luck and sent the text, almost immediately the reply came and my heart leaped. She was available and within five minute walk of the cafe, how my luck had changed.Arriving at her flat, relaxed in the knowledge I was going to get what I came for, I was not disappointed! Exotic looks, long lithe legs, a tight tiny peach of an ass, the nipples, her kisses. This is one girl who delivers and matches her name exactly, she is one hell of a goddess. To have your head between her legs, to be behind looking in the mirror to have her tease you you should do it before she puts her prices up because she is one amazing woman. Thank you Karolina, you're a star and worth so much more!!!:)

by DJLA on Goddess Karolina

Karolina told me she would be wearing new black lingerie and as always she looked gorgeous just wearing this plus of coarse heels, that does it for me so no need to say any more, until next week, kisses D

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

This is a stunning lady with the kind of physic that us hot blooded males enjoy to the full!I cannot recall the last time that I saw such a perfect figure, her appearance is enough to make you get very excited at the prospect of spending time enjoying this lovely apparition! She is very fit, well toned young lady and it is an outstanding privilege to have such a delight in the palms of your hands.What can you say about the physical aspects of this babe? Wow, Wow and more Wow!She has all of the right ingredients for a perfect woman!Those legs as so long, they nearly reach the ground! She has one of the most amazing rears I have ever had the pleasure to indulge, any activity where you can admire this pert bottom is super.Her narrow waist and ample breasts are also treasures to behold, I enjoy them to the full, I think she loves my strong hands over her back as we make love, as she certainly purrs!I cannot close discussing her physical attributes without referring to those stunning eyes and glorious lips - both are so sexy! The eyes focused on me whilst I concentrate on the pleasuring of this babe, only intensifies my efforts to fever pitch, this then coupled with such deep erotic passionate deep french kissing is outstanding!Awesome - Hector is always to attention with this babe! ♥♥♥♥ xxxxx

by Badjon on Goddess Karolina

Karolina is a true star. Sexy, intelligent, classy, fun, confidant and ever so responsive! A great playmate - worth getting to know her well.

by BigJy on Goddess Karolina

She is incredible!!! To finally meet her was a dream come true. Think of every compliment you can give and insert here!! See you again very soon. XXX

by Ross_52 on Goddess Karolina

A fantastic hot and horny session with this beautiful, sexy, fun woman who certainly knows how to please a man . Highly recommended. Xxx

by WILLSTAR on Goddess Karolina

Beautiful girl who gave a wonderful GFE, on the top her hospitality and passion was awesome, every minute spent with her was worth it ;) luxury apartment with lots of mirrors ! see you soon K

by Nick on Goddess Karolina

This girl is unbelievably amazing!! Well spoken, horny as hell and treats you like a king. An experience that needs to be repeated asap X

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Well she's back and oh how I missed her! Straight back to where we left off last month.Always a delight, white lingerie as I requested and then the all over tease and sensual attention.See you tomorrow babes for round two! LHK&L xxxx

by MichaelG on Goddess Karolina

A true Angel, made my dreams come true. Supa sexy, fantastic personality, dresses to please and look forward to another hour of pleasure.

by ross_52 on Goddess Karolina

A very sweet, beautiful, fun, sexy woman. Gorgeous body. Fantastic personality. I will continue to see her for as long as she'll have me. Highly recommended.

by bedford44 on Goddess Karolina

This hot lady is not to be missed , amazing in every way , I wished I had more time to spend with her , highly recommended !!

by Bbond on Goddess Karolina

Beautiful sexy blonde cracking figure, really nice girl :) loved my time with her! looking forward to next time!

by London Boy on Goddess Karolina

She is Beautiful; she is Sexy; she is Gorgeous;I missed you Princess but then this afternoon all my Christmas's and my New Years came at once. Fabulous that you are back even for a "very, very short time only" and what an afternoon...!!!!! K was looking fantastic, demonstrating some new underwear that left nothing to the imagination, but was fabulous fun to remove. Thank you lover and I will try to recover my composure before our next meeting. Princess is in a new flat where she has not stayed before but it is very nice indeed, obviously safe, secluded and most important it makes her happy. See you soon ...xxxxxxxxxxx

by DJLA on Goddess Karolina

I have been a naughty boy, how could I forget to write a feedback for my favourite playmate, ok I was busy in December but that’s no excuse, so I need to send this now before I visit her againKarolina is exactly what I need from a young lady who knows how to spoil me and look after my needs, she is extremely sexy, enthusiastic and very energetic however she can then change the pace and be extremely sensual and lovingSo if you guys want to visit a true professional how loves to give pleasure to her man, then Karolina is the girl for youWill see you again soon as you well know, Kisses D

by Naughty Boy on Goddess Karolina

Stunning blonde bombshell goddess who I would visit every day if I had the energy and if she was here all the time.By far and away the best escort I have ever seen. Just amazing sexy horny times from such a divine young woman. Intelligent, funny, imaginative and so giving she just blows your mind.......I would travel the world to meet her so please hurry back K xxx

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Number 4 out of 5 this tour.Again another epic encounter with probably the feistiest minx around.I am always amazed at the effect that I have upon her, seems I have the magic touch and the ability to always find her hot spots! Multiple orgasms all round , yet again caught in the vice like grip by her legs!What a fantastic girlfriend experience - which I know is so similar to her Porn star romp! it just gets better and better,I have seen her 40+ times and she still captivates me with her beauty, makes me laugh and she takes us to exquisite heights of pleasure!Only one more on this tour left to go, before she goes back home.Just awesome babes! love you xxx

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

I have been a bit slack with feedback recently so rectifying now !Her regular “boys “ Know this so well*she always looks immaculate*she is always in great shape*her eyes are memorising* her passion is intoxicating* her humour is entertainingI am honoured by her compliments and her charm . She always picks up the mood and reacts accordingly and weaves her spell to ensure a great time is had by all .She wore a special outfit which I know will never be seen again but it was so very sexy and I appreciate the special effort she makes ....... without being asked ! So I have to add intuitive to the list .All in all I always know time spent with her will be worth it and very special .

by London Boy on Goddess Karolina

It might be cold outside but it is hot, hot, hot inside with my beautiful Princess. K is just such a beautiful lady and so sexy and lively. I love beautiful things and Princess comes right at the top of that list with her beautiful hair setting off her gorgeous face with those wicked green eyes; a body that I just cannot resist holding, caressing and making love to. So silky smooth, she shines in the dark, absolutely MAGIC and I can hardly wait until our next adventure together.....Missing you..XXXX

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Third encounter from five this tour

Exquisite adventures every time we meet, it just gets better and better! She is a blonde bombshell, oh so hot, but so sensual, adore every second, unique!

The number of times we have met, tells the story - you are just breathtaking! We have such synergy together it is just magical! Fun, love, passion & lush! wow! Xxx

I know you enjoy my "gifts" as they last for a couple of days and provide sustenance for my next visit!

What can you say about the physical aspects of this delightful lady? Wow, Wow and more Wow!

She has all of the right ingredients for a perfect woman!

Those legs as so long and shapely, she has one of the most amazing rears I have ever had the pleasure to indulge, any activity where you can admire this pert bottom is super.

Her narrow waist and ample breasts (the "girls") are also treasures to behold, I enjoy them to the full,

I think she loves my strong hands over her back as we make love, as she certainly purrs! I cannot close discussing her physical attributes without referring to those stunning eyes and glorious lips - both are so sexy! Those eyes focused on me whilst I enjoy the pleasure in pleasuring this wonderful lady!

This only intensifies my efforts to fever pitch as I feel her reacting to my advances - Areeeeba!!!! so hot!

by withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Part two of five of this tour: unbelievable fun with such a delightful playmate!

3 days after she arrived!

I cannot recall ever being trapped in such a headlock during her maximum pleasure!

We know each other buttons so well, that there is always such chemistry between us!

Just another moment of bliss along this fantastic trip!


by Paul on Goddess Karolina

Had not seen K in ages and spent the most memorable morning getting re- acquainted . K is absolutely amazing . She is truly a stunning goddess who enjoyed the time spent together as much as I sure did . Will see her again soon . Thank you so much K Paul xxx

by Naughty Boy on Goddess Karolina

Monday lunchtime and another hour of so much horny energetic fun that I feel starving hungry afterwards and would like to sleep at my desk dreaming of Bristol's very own Daenerys Targaryen. I happily 'bend the knee' and serve my Queen!!!

Karolina seemed extra horny today and being a part of her fun time is such a turn on. Already booked for later this week and better check my diary for a couple more visits as my early Christmas present to myself (so selfish!!) before she leaves again for warmer climes.

Thank you for another fantastic visit xxx

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

2 visits already, another two to go, before she is of back home!

Just a remarkable young woman that is so naughty!

An intelligent business woman at home, with a wild side in Bristol! Oh how we enjoy the adventures!

by DJLA on Goddess Karolina

How I miss my favourite playmate, she makes me feel so special when we are together

Karolina is much more than an exciting lover, to me she is beautiful lady that I truly have come to enjoy her company and regard the friendship we have as extraordinary

She totally satisfies all of my needs and I am counting the days until she returns to these shores so we can continue giving and receiving pleasure to each other, lots of kisses D xxx

by London Boy on Goddess Karolina

Ah! My Beautiful Princess has returned and what is a faithful Sex Slave supposed to do but obey all her requests and demands..!! Making for a fabulous afternoon with "K" looking even more beautiful and sexy than ever, I am already so looking forward to our next liaison together. Thank you Princess for a very active and sexy time together......Lovu..

by Naughty Boy on Goddess Karolina

The goddess is back and she is sexier than ever. OMG I have missed her but straight into her arms for a lovely and very horny greeting. She was wearing just a little black thong and a gorgeous smile.

Ever visit to this loveliest of ladies is fantastic and I leave utterly drained.

Thank you so much Karolina you made my day my week my year all over again. The most beautiful woman in the world IMHO.

See you soon babe xxx

by Gordo48 on Goddess Karolina

Managed to get the last booking before K left for home and she gave me another memorable time. She really is such fun, sexy and very very naughty.
She is such a beautiful person, both in mind and body.
Thanks a million!

by London Boy on Goddess Karolina

Time to kiss, hug, make love and say "See you soon..!!" to the most fabulously gorgeous Princess as she flies off to her very special place in the sun...
What more can I say than a wonderful afternoon with the most fun, beautiful and exciting girl you could ever hope to meet. I shall miss you whilst you are away but it makes your return all the sweeter. Have a fabulous break, but come back soon...xxxxxx


by withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Close encounters of the third kind on this short tour!

Always a magical experience with both of us knowing each other individual buttons and hot spots - always leads to a feisty, hot, naughty and most satisfying liaison!

"You are the best, most clever, sexy, hot!!" she says.

I guess we miss the AW feedback process!

A firm favorite with me since July 2015, I still get SO excited every time we meet, just drop dead gorgeous, breath taking (in more than one way!), sensual, funny, caring and oh so hot!

She is just so special, she comes and then she has gone again, not due back until November - will be sorely missed! Hector is now in hiding! xxx

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Outstanding encounters with such a dream girl!

Everything you would want in such a delightful package!

My Andromache, always enjoys her Trojan warrior! xxx

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

Intense passsion
She reigns supreme !!!

by withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

There are very few words that can describe the experiences every time we meet, that capture the true extent of our adventures! Awesome, outstanding, stunning, but I guess my favorite is - PERFECT!. An adorable outrageously funny. naughty and feisty girl that has all of us regulars captivated! There are very few women that improve with age - Kaz is such an example, how she does it, maybe an ancient Greek trait - but what a delight to behold! Such a short visit this time, but I will see you before you go! LHK&L xxxx

by London Boy on Goddess Karolina

The most beautiful, sexy, seductive, fabulous girl next door is back in town. Even more gorgeous than ever but maybe that is because I have missed the "Girl of my Dreams" whilst she has been away....!!!!! My Princess is staying in an excellent apartment no more than 50 yards from a large car park; easy to find and perfectly safe. A fabulous few hours together, to be repeated as soon as I recover. Thank you Princess, miss you already...:-))) xxxx

by Gordo48 on Goddess Karolina

If you want the experience of a lifetime, go see Karolina. One minute soft and cuddly, the next a voracious porn star. There are any number of beautiful, sexy, hot escorts but Karolina has all those qualities plus that indefinable X factor which sets her apart.
Thank you so much for another memorable meeting XXX

by London Boy on Goddess Karolina

The beautiful Goddess Karolina is back for only a short time but what a fabulous way to spend a few hours on such a miserable British Summer's Day. Wrapped in the arms and the legs of this fabulous lover; She is so fit from her summer break her perfect body would make other girls cry for it, so fit and tanned; so shapely and appealing; those flashing green eyes and that blonde hair to get lost in.... My Princess is just the perfect date in every way and very much looking forward to another few hours before she goes away again. Thank you, Princess, for a perfect end to a great golf holiday, I better not talk about holes in one I suppose...... Lovu..XXXXXXXX

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

My 2nd passionate encounter on this tour with such a beautiful person! She is tender, kind, intelligent, funny and then the side most of you know, sexy, passionate, feisty, naughty and oh so hot!

A gorgeous babe that grows better with age, extremely fit, a hand full to enjoy, but what an experience!

I so enjoy my many adventures with her and I look forward to many more when she is back in a couple of months.

It is always fun to see her, fresh and exciting each time, my gifts a really hitting the spot!

Only two more days before she goes again, at least I will see her for the third time before she goes!

Hurry up back! will miss you! xxx

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

I had the special treat to be chosen as her first appointment this morning after her long seven week exile. All I can say is that she is as magnificent as ever, absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and oh, oh, so hot! I was delighted to provide her plaything for her amusement and oh did we have such a romp! I am glad you enjoyed your gifts, more on Monday! Love xxxxx

by withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

What fun as always, taken in and blown out in bubbles! Outstanding blonde babe, great fun, very, very naughty, but what passion! Thank you babes, Bristol will be missing a fabulous girl for a while. Fortunatley I will see you before you go next week. Until then I will get my breath back for improved snorkelling! Thanks babes, to be continued..... Xxx

This woman is superb.

As I wrote before; I have been lucky enough to visit Karolina 10's of times over (I am guessing) 6 years.

I have left feedback before, then I wrote that every time I have visited her there has been an inward gasp and a WOW. This time was the biggest WOW to date!
Karolina looked as usual stunning.
This time she had this black number one piece on with the nipples of her firm ample breasts showing- that would have been enough.
But around the lower part of the garment was a veridical Zip!!! After a brief hello etc. The Zip was unzipped and I found myself on my knees rimming her wonderful ass. After a while and more unzipping I was feasting on her gorgeous pussy. I was in heaven.

She is gorgeous in every meaning of the word. Hygienic. Intelligent. And has a sense of humour.

Goddess seems to enjoy being dominant (Not in a heavy BDSM way) and I certainly enjoy her being in charge.
She is very intuitive and certainly knows and delivers exactly what one needs.
I have said before she may be in her 30s but she has the physique of a much younger gym toned women- she certainly must look after herself.
It will be no surprise to the reader that I have no hesitation in recommending Goddess Karolina.
I just hope she continues to visit Bristol for many more years.... please!

by DJLA on Goddess Karolina

Today was my last chance to visit Karolina before she leaves the UK once again, but she has promised to return to give pleasure once again to her regulars.

From the moment Karolina answers the door looking drop dead gorgeous in her new Victoria Secrets lingerie, you know your fantasies will be fulfilled and the time you spend with her will be special.

Once again we had a fun filled energetic session and as normal we managed so many different positions, but this was the first time that she had orgasms in every one including being a greedy girl by cumming twice as she rode me cowgirl.

If you are reading this and have never visited this fantastic lady, then you won't know how good she really is and what you are missing, if you are one of her regulars then you already know she is one of the best.

by robert4fun on Goddess Karolina

What can I add that has not been said by others who see Karolina regularly.... she is just perfect…which is why I keep going back to see her.

What more do you need to know?

by Nick on Goddess Karolina

World class is all I can say, Karolina was an unexpected find and a real lucky one. Karolina is one of those escort's that you look at the photo's and can't believe there correct. Well she is better in the flesh. Great body and boy can she uses it well. Karolina knows just how to push the right buttons to send you to heaven and back. She is such a filthy girl with the heart of an angel. She has the body of Nicole Scherzinger and the face of Charlize Theron, yes she is stunning!!!!
Karolina gave me great directions and managed to fit me in. I was a lucky boy to spend a pure hour of hot fun capped off with a great relax time after the session just kissing and cuddling. She is with out a doubt the very best escort i have ever seen. Looks and personality to die for.
I spend an hour of pure ecstasy in a her clean safe secure apartment, were showed me just how to enjoy yourself with a real lady confident in what she does. Her website is correct in what she offers and in my books she is incredible value for money. I can not wait to see her again.

by Naughty Pervert on Goddess Karolina

It has all been said very many times and will be many more .... Karolina is the most stunningly beautiful woman you will ever meet ..... even Aphrodite herself would take a step back and acknowledge the superior beauty of the goddess who is Karolina.

I cannot really express in adequate words what a sexy, gorgeous, warm hearted, fun, open minded, imaginative, dream fulfilled and fantasy maker she is. I feel very horny just thinking about her. She is the perfect woman and the only flaw is that she is only here for short spells!!! Having said that if she was permanently here I would probably have died an extremely happy man from excessive consumption!!!

No one else has ever come close to giving me the level of sexual thrill, excitement and fulfilment that Karolina does and her scent, those oh so sexy eyes and that delightfully wicked smile is addictive.

You guessed it ... I adore Karolina .... She is the ultimate woman. Thank you so much and see you very soon xxx

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

adorable, agreeable, alluring, amusing, attractive, beautiful, blonde,bold,breadth,captivating, cheery, clever, congenial, daring, delectable, delicious, dripping wet ,enchanting, engaging, enjoyable, entertaining, fair, fascinating, fuckable,gratifying, heavenly, juicy,lovely, luscious, lush,multi orgasmic , pleasing, pleasurable, rapturous, ravishing, refreshing, satisfying, scrumptious, thrilling, yummy- as usual lost for words !

by withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

I cannot resist seeing her, she has a magical hold over me and I am oh so willing to be enveloped by this gorgeous blonde diva! We always have such encounters that are filled with so much passion that the time disappears so quickly when you having so much fun! It is always a pleasure to see her enjoy my attentions and trust that this will continue indefinitely. I now get to buy groceries on the way to see her - what a laugh! She goes home again on the 30th May, so two more incredible bookings are already set before she goes - enjoy whilst she is here as she will be gone for quite e few weeks. Adore you babe! xxx

by Bonochris on Goddess Karolina

Cant stop seeing this woman . She so sexy with killer eyes and great person to talk to. love you xx

by rober72 on Goddess Karolina

A truly beautiful person, incredible and sexy as hell , see you soon

by Tsm69 on Goddess Karolina

Wonderful and so damn sexy, teases me to great heights never seen before, with a flawless body and the most perfect arse I have ever seen or laid my hands on x

by DJLA on Goddess Karolina

Once again I had the pleasure to be in the company of one of Bristol's top escorts, when you are with Karolina it's like having a mistress, lover & girlfriend all rolled in to one.She thrives on given the ultimate pleasure experience to you and will not stop until she has compleated her mission, in saying that she also loves to receive and once you know how to please her then she has very powerful orgasms.I will defiantly visit Karolina again before she leaves the UK for her sunny home once again, plus when she is away I always look forward to another sexy encounter when she returns to Bristol, kisses D*****

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

Elegant exciting erotic erogenous energetic enthusiastic filthy .......I could go on ..... instead just planning the next visit

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Well once again Kaz returns to our shores, to give us the experiences that are unforgettable!She has always had the perfect natural body, without blemishes, highly toned, smooth and silky and the essence of an angel!Immaculate as always, new lingerie for me to enjoy and that cheeky, feisty personality makes for an adventure that is unbelievable!We haven't seen each other since 14th March and our re union was awesome as usual, with both of us enjoying each other to the full!Then we had our normal catch up of past events over a cup of coffee.There are a number of us who have seen Kaz over a couple of years, our constant return should tell you all you need to know about this beautiful blonde diva!Pure ecstasy! See you soon babe! xxx ;-)

by London Boy on Goddess Karolina

Ah! My Princess is back and wow is she back..??? Thank you Princess for a fabulous few hours together again, really missed you and wonderful to have you back for at least a few weeks. So good to hold you in my arms again, see your smile and hear your laugh..!!! We both know I am going to be back to see you again as soon as I can, so take care and miss you already...XXXXXXXXXXXXX

by robert4fun on Goddess Karolina

What can I say that has not already been written about this wonderful lady?Every time I come to see her she is perfectly prepared and her focus is 100% on me having a great and memorable time - it works both ways of course - I love to ensure that Karolina has the best of times too!!I love being one of her 'Bristol Boys' and am counting the days until she returns from sunny climes for more fun and games.Karolina - you are a true Goddess - especially with all the adoration being penned by your avid fans on here.Until the next adventure........... D x x x x x

by Bristol Boy on Goddess Karolina

The most aptly named escort that there is. Simply a Goddess. Her website and Twitter are very accurate and true. I hope to be seeing her regularly whenever she is in UK.

by Exeter on Goddess Karolina

A hot and exciting "Au revoir" to my Princess, but a few borrowed words firstI really hate to let this moment go;Touching your skin, your hair falling slow;When a goodbye kiss feels like this,Don't you want to stay here a little while;Don't you want to hold each other tight;Don't you want to fall asleep with me tonightDon't you want to stay here a little while;We can make forever feel this way;I don't just want to make love, I want to make love last.....!!!!!!Take care Princess, longing to see you again already...xxxxxxxx

by Blue Posh Boy on Goddess Karolina

Now I'm not posh, or a boy for that matter, but I do tend to wear blue. However when a Goddess christens you 'my blue posh boy' it tends to stick. This is because Karolina has a way with words and the power to control how you think, feel and act.The exchange of texts before meeting were polite, informative and full of humour. I was even given an option whether I wanted to meet a Goddess dressed in white or black!On arrival I was quizzed on how I found her. Was it the website, was it twitter or was it a referral? I've got to say that I cannnot quite remember and still can't now. All I can think is that it was my destiny to meet Karolina and I'm pleased that our calendars were aligned.The time together can only be rated as five star, a fabulous encounter. Each second is etched on my brain and I have an experience that I will remember for a lifetime.One is often concerned about 'clock watching' but 103 minutes into my allotted 90 it was me that realised that it was time to get dressed. I felt so comfortable in the company of a Goddess and was made to feel like a King.So, thank you. My cluttered brain was cleared for an evening and I'm recharged. The perfect prescription for executive stress, emotional turmoil and other complications in my life.Your Blue Posh Boy x

by DJLA on Goddess Karolina

Karolina was dressed exactly as I requested, wearing her black topless basque, black stockings and of coarse no knickers she was ready for action the moment the door was opened. We once again enjoyed ourselves by giving pleasure until we were both satisfied. So farewell until the next time my beautiful playmate visits Bristol again. Kisses D*****

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

Romped through a few outstanding outfits - sexy body stocking with plenty of access points , fur coat and tights which of course got destroyed and an eye catching bikini ready for the beach .......the effect was as usual to leave me drained but fully satiated .....

by robert4fun on Goddess Karolina

This lady is highly addictive and extremely naughty. She is the perfect blend of a gorgeous blond bombshell and a smouldering hot porn star.Every time I come to see her I am left drained and wanting more - Karolina loves to receive as well as give - in fact I think she misses the receiving when she is away and gorges herself when in Bristol - I am only too happy to oblige.I just wish she was in Bristol more often - but absence makes the heart grow stronger x x x

by Gordo48 on Goddess Karolina

Total joy to be re-acquainted with Karolina for the evening after much too long. The perfect blend of girlfriend and porn star. Beautiful in mind and body. Great fun, great sex, great company! Thank you again X

by Signor Charlie on Goddess Karolina

The more you visit this incredible woman, the better she becomes. Gorgeous to look at and seemingly obsessed with sex, she will give you a fantastic time from the start. But as she gets to know you, our times together only become even more wonderful; warmer, more passionate, more amazing.

by Exeter on Goddess Karolina

Fifty Shades of Grey...!!!! Eat you heart out; nothing to compare with an evening with the stunning Karolina. Pure fun and excitement with this fabulous green eyed, blonde Goddess of LOVE. Can't wait to see you again as soon as I have my strength back...:-)) xxxxxx

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

Always stunning to look at no matter what the outfit !! Hot sexy engaging and always horny - the ultimate GFE ....... so much so she might let me watch sport on TV next time whilst she washes up :)

by adams69 on Goddess Karolina

Sensational, Insatiable, Classy, One very special Lady in every way xx see you very soon K xx

by withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

A lady of superlatives - outstanding figure, as near perfect as you could get, a face so beautiful and cute, a personality so passionate and caring and a naughty, fun loving, oh so sexy minx, all wrapped up in this Greek blonde babe, we all know as Karolina!If you have not met her then you are missing something that would be considered a must!An all round gorgeous babe, who will take you in and blow you out in bubbles! I just adore her! xxxx

by Signor Charlie on Goddess Karolina

When Karolina says she loves showing us boys a good time, she really means it. She's a natural. Stunning looks, the creamiest skin, a wonderful body, and a mind fine tuned to know how to give maximum pleasure. She astounds me every time. I'm left gasping for more.

by Tsm69 on Goddess Karolina

Still on Bristol's best kept secrets. Truly a beautiful lady, with a lovely smile and a stunning sexy figure , lovely character, will see again , she ticks all the boxes. x

by casualbob on Goddess Karolina

Wow! seriously gorgeous, sexy , stunning girl with the best body EVER ! Will defo be booking again !

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Words cannot express what I feel about this gorgeous girl! I have met her so many times and yet I grow fonder of her each time we have an adventure!She has without doubt the best natural perfect body I have ever encountered and quite frankly a personality to match!I have extreme pleasure every time we meet and I am sure that our fun and frolicks, belies a deeper understanding between us.She is a stunning, beautiful. sexy, naughty and oh so hot woman who has a place in my heart. Adore you babe! xxxx

by Naughty pervert on Goddess Karolina

Utterly stunning girl. The goddess Aphrodite in human form and you cannot fail to fall under her spell. Seen her so many times I have lost count but every moment with her is a complete joy. Oh and by the way the sex is amazing every single moment. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet this most wonderful girl cannot possibly forget her. Thank you Karolina xxx

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

Consistently gorgeous sexy sensuous erotic horny filthy and incredibly responsive !!!! Enjoys receiving as much as giving pleasure and always fun and engaging company. Hard to beat !!!

by robert4fun on Goddess Karolina

Stunning as ever and a joy to see Karolina back. This is one sexy lady that really knows how to please - very consistent and naughty :-)I was left completely satisfied and look forward to seeing her again before she disappears off again !!

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

There can be very little between the outstanding and perfect, but this young lady surpasses both of these descriptions! I have had the pleasure to spend a considerable number of adventures with her, which are now more akin to long standing lovers meeting and enjoying each others company.This is the second time since she came back and already we have agreed to meet next week - she has that effect upon me, so addictive!.What can you say about her? if you never met her you are missing an experience with a beautiful woman, with a perfect natural body, a naughty, sensual and oh so hot personality and a heart soft and caring when treated well by the right man.I gave her a surprise today and woke her with a morning romp! What a delight, see you soon lol xxxx

by george 67 on Goddess Karolina

another fantastic time spent with K absolutley gorgeous

by tsm69 on Goddess Karolina

Beautiful in body and mind, a truly exceptional encounter with a gorgeous girl x x

by timstella on Goddess Karolina

Fantastic service from a very sexy, very friendly, very intelligent young woman. Some of the best sex ever, I have no idea why I didn't discover Karolina earlier. I will be back very soon for another relaxed and horny couple of hours!

by withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Such a delight to see after 10 weeks, 2 hours of fun with a gloriously naughty blonde bombshell! I can't get enough of her, she is so adductive! Always a pleasure and I love to make her purr! Will see you next week for more fun and frolics! Lhk&l xxxx

by Exeter on Goddess Karolina

My Princess has been away for two months and returns on the coldest day of the winter; fantastic way to keep warm holding her beautiful, sexy, warm body next to mine. Just perfect, and to run my fingers through her gorgeous blonde hair and lose myself in those beautiful feline green eyes...!!!! Karolina made up for those two months away in spectacular style of course; an amazing time together and just counting the days before I see her again. Fabulous, Princess, thank you so much. XXXXXXX

by Mister Fox on Goddess Karolina

Christmas came early for me last night in the form of the most beautifully wrapped gift a man could ask for. I saw stars and heard choirs of angels as we played out our own little festive fantasy over 2 hours of sheer bliss. Nobody else jingles my bells and makes my soul sing quite like Karolina..!!

by DJLA on Goddess Karolina

Karolina is definitely one of my favourite playmates, she has the ability to make you feel so special and when you are with her, you are in heaven and totally satisfied.This is the third time I have seen Karolina this month and I will be sorry that she is leaving the UK again, but in saying that as she intends to return in the new year, I will be able to enjoy Christmas knowing that we will once again have a super sexy time when I see her next.Take care babes, have a fun Christmas and a Crazzzzzy new year, kisses D

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

Always crave to make love to my angel, such a sensual gift she has, one outstanding body and the sweet personality to match! Treat her well and ecstasy will be yours!Our encounters remain and have always consisted of sensual, passionate, erotic and highly charged physical exuberance which after an hour, then leaves the opportunity to quietly relax, recover and enjoy each others' companyShe goes away again on Wednesday, but at least I have had encounters this tour that will top up my memory banks until she returns next year!.I enjoyed my "bis-cu-its", such a treat to hear her accent that seems to have a Transylvanian twist, certainly gives a clue to her biting habit!Will email soon, see you when you get back - don't forget the address for the "push to door" in Greece! Love xxx

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

Another hot as fuck 2 hour jiggy jiggy session with this stunning enthusiastic and fun lady - she always delivers ....... To say we were both literally shagged out at the end is an understatement !!

by London Boy on Goddess Karolina

A wonderful few hours again with my beautiful Princess. Karolina is just the perfect girl with whom to spend a very cold and windy winter's day, she is so warm, welcoming and caring. There is no better feeling than the door opening and I am holding her tight in my arms, my face buried in her gorgeous long blonde hair just taking in the scent of her...!!!! Then to be introduced to her latest purchases from the lingerie department. Karolina you are simply gorgeous, simply the best, so how can it keep getting better and better each time when I am already with the "best of the best of the BEST"...???See you very soon... XXXXXX

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

What a delightful lady you are!You took your time with me and I was captivated like a fly in a spider's web!I have seen a number of blonde babes, but without question you are the best!Give me a text about our next adventure!Until next time, I shall be waiting! Love xxx

by lover56 on Goddess Karolina

Such a gorgeous woman , just can't take enough of her .One in a million . See you soon K

by bristol boy on Goddess Karolina

Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful lady .Very easy to talk too, very accommodating, just wonderful time spend with a lady who knows what she is doing, thanks K

by Roberts6901 on Goddess Karolina

Another excellent session with GK who looked absolutely stunning in her lingerie!, K. has spectacular body with I love to explore and great company . x x

by Roger on Goddess Karolina

It has been some while since I had the opportunity to see Karolina. Today made up for it in a completely mind blowing experience with the most wonderful girl you could wish to meet. As soon as we set eyes on each other it was as if we had never been apart. She is certainly a Goddess blessed with a perfect body, great looks, gorgeous 'come to bed' eyes and wicked sense of humour which keeps the banter going all through our time together. The personal experience remains between us suffice to say I have not been able to wipe the smile off my face since this morning and feel as completely satisfied as I have ever been. Others have praised our Goddess with so many tributes and every word you read is absolutely true. The most wonderful girl will be visited again soon!! Watch out for more blogs!!!!!!!!!

by Withoutportfolio on Goddess Karolina

It was the the 7th July 2015, a day to remember! I first met this stunning, beautiful, cheeky, crazy and absolutely gorgeous woman that we all know as Goddess Karolina!We met today for epic experience no 21! I have to say that she is as stunning now as the first time I met her 16 months ago! It is a blessing that she returns to Greece every so often, otherwise I an sure that I would have doubled my current tally!We are and always have been very comfortable with each other and our time spent between the physical, emotional and personal interchanges is such a delight! What we do, how we do it, the effect that it has - remains between us!Today she was my sleeping beauty, I gave her a kiss to arouse from her slumbers and boy did she wake up and rock my world! In her stockings and suspenders and her magnificent "girls" she stood there and we hugged! We had not seen each other for 8 weeks, but within seconds we where back in each others' worlds.There is no better physique than this, as God intended (thank you), with a small embellishment of a tattoo, she is blessed with an amazing body, well maintained and over the time we have known each other I have come to know the real person whom I adore.I have left feedback's on this website before as "lacey Snake", but I have reverted to my AW alias withoutportfolio

by robert4fun on Goddess Karolina

It's like Christmas has come early and I get just what I have been wishing for!!You mange without her but once she returns and you see her again you cannot imagine another day without her!!I am glad I got at least one Christmas present that I really wanted, and early.I will be checking her twice - just to be sure it is real.I wish all my Christmases could be like this.Ho Ho Ho - I hope it doesn't come too soon!!

by Herbitch on Goddess Karolina

I saw Karolina today and Wow !!! i have seen Karolina a few times and can only say she is the best i have ever known.. Gorgeous, funny, sexy - oh so sexy, dirty, horny but also a really lovely girl..Until the next time, be good K 😉😉

by Naughty Naughty Boy on Goddess Karolina

Stunningly gorgeous utter sex bomb. Full on extremely horny girl who is bright, highly intelligent, funny, with a very wicked side and utterly delightful to be with. There is no one better out there as Karolina is one of a kind.I always leave totally drained but floating on an euphoric cloud that it takes me days to come down from. Cannot wait to see her again and will fit in at least one visit per week when she is here. Thank you so much babe for all that you give XXX

by george67 on Goddess Karolina

if you have not seen Karolina you don't know what your missing shes fantastic and the best shes absolutely stunning

by Whisperer1812 on Goddess Karolina

Looking gorgeous as ever and in an especially horny mood after a long lay off , 2 hours flew by in a blur of hot sexy erotic horny filthy and energetic action .......leaving us both drained , sore but totally satisfied ....... The best !

by tsm69 on Goddess Karolina

Damn, She gets better and better! sexy, hot and rock babe!

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